Foundation Fundraising Blog

Trevor Skillen is founder, President, and CEO of Metasoft Systems, providers of FoundationSearch, North America’s leading source of foundation funding resources for non-profits. Since 1995, the company has helped tens of thousands of non-profits throughout North America raise billions of dollars in funding.

He hopes to further help non-profits by writing a series of blogs examining new and existing fundraising methods and practices, to explore new fundraising leads and open the discussion on foundation and corporate fundraising best practices.

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Tracking Foundation Funding Deadline Opportunities
More than 125,000 grants totaling more than 4.5 billion dollars will be made to non-profits in Canada this year by foundations. As a seeker of grants, how can you keep your non-profit up to date on new and upcoming foundation funding opportunities and their application deadlines? In this blog, Trevor Skillen discusses this challenge and the methods organizations are employing to manage this effectively.

Which Foundations Are Your Best Foundation Funding Prospects? Part 1
In this blog, Trevor Skillen delves into the topic of which foundations are your best fundraising prospects, in the first part of a two-part blog discussing the issue of what defines a "best prospect."

Which Foundations Are Your Best Foundation Fundraising Prospects? Part 2
Previously, Trevor Skillen discussed the various factors that need to be considered when evaluating foundation funding prospects. In this blog post, the second of a two-part blog, he reviews some of the options available to help you best evaluate the fit of over 10,000 Canadian foundation prospects to your funding needs.

SO, I know which foundations to approach, but how much do I ask for?
You need funding, and after doing your research, you have a list of funders to approach. The problem now is: how much do you ask for from each? Trevor Skillen discusses the issue of how to determine appropriate ask amounts in this week’s blog post.