Think Globally! You can search over 4 million documents of funder information from the US, Canada, the UK and Australia with POWER SEARCH (aka Global Search).

POWER SEARCH full text search gives you the power to search the world for funders with one single click!

With Global Search, you can now conduct keyword searches in all of the resources of FoundationSearch. This means access to over 4 million records from over 122,000 funders in one search.

Here are the databases that POWER SEARCH can access in one search:

  • US Foundation Profiles
  • US Foundation Grants
  • US Foundation News
  • US Foundation 990PFs
  • US Corporate Profiles
  • US Government Programs
  • Canadian Foundation Profiles
  • Canadian Foundation Grants
  • Canadian Foundation News
  • Canadian Government Programs
  • Canadian Corporate Profiles
  • UK Foundation Profiles
  • UK Foundation News
  • Australian Foundation Profiles
  • Australian Foundation News

POWER SEARCH can quickly generate a globally comprehensive list of information on any particular foundation, corporation, giving interest or issue. This will help you identify the best funding prospects by providing the full scope of all related activity. This powerful new facility will be especially interesting to members whose interests transcend borders, including health, education, religion, social services and the environment.

To learn more about this powerful feature in FoundationSearch, please contact us.