FoundationSearch Reviews & Testimonials (Arts & Culture)

Since 1995, Metasoft has helped more than 13,000 non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America raise over $22.5 billion in funding. We listen closely and take pride in our commitment to clients. Here is what they have to say.

The following reviews and testimonials were written by FoundationSearch Members pursuing grants for projects related to Arts & Culture.

Arts & Culture
Vancouver International Children's Festival
Development & Marketing Director
Vancouver, British Columbia

"We joined BIG Online and FoundationSearch in 2003. In that time, our membership has paid for itself several times over. We rely on BIG FoundationSearch as it is one of our best resources for fundraising research and the Metasoft staff have been very helpful and supportive over the years. Thanks so much!"
Arts & Culture
Miami City Ballet
Foundation & Government Relations Manager
Miami, Florida

"FoundationSearch saves us time in our research efforts and helps us develop proposals that are more focused on the funder's interests. When evaluating our best opportunities for funding, we use the information available in the FoundationSearch database."
Arts & Culture
Grant Writer
Austin, Texas

"Your service is far and away the most invaluable to the work we do; the investment is truly worthwhile."
Arts & Culture
Twin Cities Public Television
Senior Development Officer
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We've been using FoundationSearch at TPT for over six years now, and I love this tool! The flexible searching options, ability to export to MS Excel, and all-in-one-place access to everything I want to know about a foundation make it far superior to the other services I've used. I love the interactive graphs-they make FoundationSearch into a thinking tool as well as a research tool! I've been very happy with the customer support and training, both on the phone and by email. If you're using a competing service, you need to check FoundationSearch out. It's better! "
Arts & Culture
The National Concert Hall
Head of Development
Dublin, Ireland

"Foundation Search is fantastic! I must say, I don't know what organizations do without it. I find the interactive charts available for each foundation profile to be most helpful in providing me with their detailed grant history. This enables me to really identify the organizations that are most likely to support us and gives a good indication of the appropriate size grant to ask for. This is a truly great fundraising tool!"
Arts & Culture
Houston Grand Opera
Manager, Development Information
Houston, Texas

"People respond to colors and shapes, that is why I frequently include graphs and charts generated by Foundation Search as a section of my prospect reports. The export capabilities of the service allows for effortless analysis of funding categories specific to a project, offering a comprehensive list of grant recipients, amounts, designations and locality. Foundation Search is a valuable tool in our research and prospecting efforts, assisting us by quickly and efficiently displaying information that might otherwise take a great deal of time to collect."
Arts & Culture
Director of Grants & Finance
Vestal, New York

"Foundation Search is one of the most comprehensive and useful tools I've used for identifying and pre-qualifying foundations. The interface is user friendly, offers informative maps that summarize distribution of funding, and allows me to search for information relevant to an individual's networks and connections. All of which is invaluable to my grant writing process. Prior to using Foundation Search I'd spend an inordinate amount of time searching through volumes of 990s and various online grant libraries. That's now time I'll spend writing more grants. Anyone working in an organization with limited resources or working as a consultant in this field will find value in Foundation Search."
Arts & Culture
WNED, Western New York Public Broadcasting Association
Manager of Foundation Development
Buffalo, New York

"FoundationSearch has been invaluable to WNED's funding efforts. It's the first place we go when we need to find potential funders for a new project in development. The database is so easy to use and breaks down a foundation's funding history nicely with charts and graphs so it's clear to see what types of projects they've funded in the past and what geographic areas they tend to support. It has helped us focus our efforts on those funders most likely to support a particular project, and My Foundation Manager then helps us keep track of those prospects. Our organization serves a bi-national area, so FoundationSearch Canada is also a wonderful resource for us. It's never difficult to justify renewing our subscription to FoundationSearch. It is an exceptional tool as we continue to seek new revenue sources to support our services."