FoundationSearch Reviews & Testimonials (Health)

Since 1995, Metasoft has helped more than 13,000 non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America raise over $22.5 billion in funding. We listen closely and take pride in our commitment to clients. Here is what they have to say.

The following reviews and testimonials were written by FoundationSearch Members pursuing grants for projects related to Health.

Hanover & District Hospital Foundation
Foundation Co-ordinator
Hanover, Ontario

"I started working for the Hanover and District Hospital Foundation in 2002. The hospital is located in the Town of Hanover which has a population of 7,000 and services a catchment area of 40,000. Our hospital has a total of 80 inpatient beds; however 31 of those beds are not staffed. The hospital services a catchment population of 17,000. I am working on obtaining my fundraising designation and am currently enrolled at Georgian College in Orillia. The online fundraising courses are extremely helpful and after completing the Grant and Proposal Writing course I asked my Board to continue to subscribe to BIG Online. Different databases were reviewed in this course but I liked BIG Online the best. It is easy to use and all the information about grant funders is categorized. If you had to research this information on the internet you would not have time for any other fundraising projects. In fact, I don’t believe you would be able to find most of the information. Sample letters and proposals are also available in the database. The staff at BIG Online is very helpful with refining your searches and they will give you a pep talk when you receive a lot of refusals. I was very nervous when we first signed up. It is a lot of money to put out. Like us I am sure you are always watching your expenses. Eventually I was successful and every year since I have received grant money. Some years I receive more funding than others but I always receive enough to cover the cost of the membership. The most funding I have received in one year is $25,000 and the least is $3,000. Compared to a gala auction or various fundraisers, grants are a lot easier. I have found that the results very depending on the number of fundraisers you are hosting. I am the only paid employee and find that I have limited time to work on proposals. Most board members feel that you should be hosting lots of fundraisers but dollar for dollar grants are more cost effective although fundraisers have their role to play in creating awareness and recruiting volunteers."
Autism Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

"Foundation Search is fantastic! I must say, I don't know what organizations do without it. I find the interactive charts available for each foundation profile to be most helpful in providing me with their detailed grant history. This enables me to really identify the organizations that are most likely to support us and gives a good indication of the appropriate size grant to ask for. This is a truly great fundraising tool!"
Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation
Director of Development
Montreal, Quebec

"Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation has implemented Metasoft's online resources as our primary tools for research on organizational giving since 2001. Currently we are raising the funds necessary to open a new children's hospital in Montreal and could not do this without the proper tools. We have used another system available in Canada but find Metasoft's BIG Online and FoundationSearch to be more effective for our needs. Metasoft continues to introduce new tools to deepen our research such as the visual mapping tool Director Connections."
BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Vancouver, British Columbia

"At BC's Children's Hospital Foundation, we have embraced BIG Online as a key major gift prospecting resource. We have found it to be a highly valuable tool for research and strategy development in a Canadian context."
The Children's Center
Development Director
Salt Lake City, Utah

"The Children's Center has been working with Foundation Search for four years. During that time using their resource we have been able to increase the number of our grant applications from 20 to 100. This has helped to establish critical funding during these challenging fundraising times. Also with their support we have recently completed a $13 million+ capital and endowment campaign.

The program is so easy to use with excellent information available to me, which has helped me in writing successful proposals. We look forward to a long relationship."
Gaylord Hospital
Planned Giving Officer
Wallingford, Connecticut

"Foundation fundraising is no different from asking for gifts from individuals: you need to identify a foundation with an interest in your type of organization and your specific project, and which makes grants in the amount you need. It also helps a lot if a person with the foundation has a connection to your organization.

FoundationSearch lets me look for and compile all of that information easily and efficiently. The comprehensive search form allows me to narrow the field as much as I need to. Once matches are identified, I can just click on a summary profile and find the data to decide whether to choose this foundation as a prospect. I can then organize and save my prospects into folders for each different project- so that I can easily go back to it when I need to.

The Director Connection is also a great tool Quickly identifying directors, and finding out what other organizations they might be affiliated with, is an easy way to identify a critical personal connection to a new funder. I now also use it to learn more about our existing donor organizations.

I think FoundationSearch is a valuable resource for raising funds from foundations."
Miami Children's Health System Foundation
Development Coordinator
Miami, Florida

"I have been using FoundationSearch for five years and am extremely satisfied with the product and customer service."
Covenant Health System Foundation
Grant Specialist
Lubbock, Texas

"As kids say, I am so NOT disappointed with Metasoft. Y'all are the BEST!!!!! Please pass along my words of appreciation to everyone who works to make Foundation Search the top dog!!!"
St. Elizabeth's Health Center
Director of Development
Tucson, Arizona

"I chose Foundation Search because I’d used Foundation Center/Foundation Directory Online at a prior organization. I feel like, when I compare the two, Foundation Search seems like a more comprehensive tool with more in-depth information. So far I haven't been disappointed."
Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado
Director of Community Relations
Aurora, Colorado

"Having worked in the development field for seven years, I have worked with three different search engines for grant research. Foundation Search is far and away the easiest, most effective way I know to get quality information on foundations. In preparing for a visit by over 30 Denver foundations to our area of Western Colorado this summer 2009, I was able to pull detailed information on each foundation for our staff. We used the information provided to research foundation funding priorities, board member information and previous funding history to build a strong presentation before talking with foundation staff. Since having Foundation Search, I've found several "new" foundations that are a possible fit and have received a $5,000 grant from one already. What a wonderful tool!"
The Denver Hospice
Grant Writer
Denver, Colorado

"I wanted to let you know how valuable Foundation Search and Big Online have been for The Denver Hospice."