FoundationSearch Reviews & Testimonials (Fundraising Consultants)

Since 1995, Metasoft has helped more than 13,000 non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America raise over $22.5 billion in funding. We listen closely and take pride in our commitment to clients. Here is what they have to say.

The following reviews and testimonials were written by FoundationSearch Members and Fundraising Consultants pursuing grants for miscellaneous causes.

Miscellaneous & Consultants
Development Service
Oakland, California

"I switched to Metasoft's FoundationSearch & BIG Online a few months ago. I'm delighted. The search capabilities and drill down are great, and their features are clean and easy to print and file. I especially like their download to Excel feature. BIG Online is great for corporate search. They seem to be very busy making improvements and updating their files. Tech support is immediate."
Miscellaneous & Consultants
Consultant and Grant Writer
Orlando, Florida

"I have been an independent grant writer for 25 years. The arena of grant solicitation has become increasingly complex and competition is fierce. I don't know what I would do without Foundation Search and Big Online. I have never experienced a more state-of-the-art system and they are constantly improving and adding dimensions. Foundation Search is probably my most critical tool, other than the writing.

Another feature is well worth mentioning. Their customer service is excellent! We are so used to being ignored or insulted as a consumer. Not at Foundation Search. Their technical and customer support is wonderful. The response is quick, courteous, and effective.

Without Foundation Search, I would be unable to provide the highest quality of grant writing that my customers deserve."
Miscellaneous & Consultants
GrantSage LLC
Santa Barbara, California

"As the owner of a Grant Writing company, I utilize Foundation Search almost daily. The site is easy to use and allows me to sort through and organize large amounts of information quickly. From prospecting for new funding, to updating Foundation information, to preparing lists for Board members regarding new foundation trustees -- Foundation Search should be a part of every non-profit Development Department. And the price is well worth it -- Foundation Search saves me hours each week while giving me the most important, up to date information on almost every U.S. Foundation that provides grant funding"