FoundationSearch Reviews & Testimonials (Social & Human Services)

Since 1995, Metasoft has helped more than 13,000 non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America raise over $22.5 billion in funding. We listen closely and take pride in our commitment to clients. Here is what they have to say.

The following reviews and testimonials were written by FoundationSearch Members pursuing grants for projects related to Social & Human Services.

Social & Human Services
L’Arche Cape Breton
Development Officer
Orangedale, Nova Scotia

"As the only rural L'Arche community in Canada, and existing in an economically depressed region of the country, L'Arche Cape Breton has some unique challenges when it comes to fundraising. In the face of these challenges, having access to the information and resources found on BIG Online has been very helpful. With BIG Online I have been able to quickly identify foundations and organizations from across Canada whose scope closely matches our mandate. The staff at BIG Online is very supportive and helpful."
Social & Human Services
Boat People SOS
Development Manager
Falls Church, Virginia

"FoundationSearch has been exactly the resource I needed to move my organization's foundation fundraising to the next level. With the help of intuitive tools and up-to-date information my staff have been able to build relationships with potential grant making partners with more success than ever before. FoundationSearch keeps us educated and informed on particular grant makers, overarching trends, and changes in the field- and for that we are extremely grateful."
Social & Human Services
Life of Mississippi
Director of Resource Development
Jackson, Mississippi

"In just three short months upon using Foundation Search, our organization obtained a grant for $34,110.32 from a foundation that we had never contacted previously and knew nothing about us. This grant will make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities - as it will allow them to maintain their independence and remain active in their communities!

We are thrilled with Foundation Search and look forward to the next grant we are able to obtain to make a difference!"
Social & Human Services
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Development Officer
Palo Alto, California

"As we just renewed our contract with FoundationSearch, it was an opportunity to review the value of the service. After signing on with you, I found an abundance of foundations that are funding like organizations. We increased our proposal submissions by over 50% and received two significant grants in just the first round. Not only were we able to raise new funds in the first year and pay for the service, but have received new funding in each subsequent year. It was an easy decision to continue with our Foundation Search subscription and can't imagine being without this valuable resource now."
Social & Human Services
Old Colony YMCA
VP, Marketing & Grants Development
Brockton, Massachusetts

"We were approached in 2005 by Metasoft Systems to preview their Foundation Search online grant research product, and I must admit that at first I was skeptical. I had always used other products for conducting research, and had grown comfortable with the abilities and limitations of those products. However, once I took a tour of Foundation Search, I was sold. Not only could I get the information available to me through the other products, but I could get even more detailed search responses and access it all in one place!

Foundation Search uncovers the prospect information we need to make informed decisions, and has increased our ability to target grant requests in ways that were not possible before. We have received more funding, uncovered new grants, and had great success with this product!"
Social & Human Services
The Rape Crisis Center
Co-Executive Director, Client Services
San Antonio, Texas

"I came to FoundationSearch in my line of work as one of the Executive Directors of a non-profit. I was new to grant writing and in research funding opportunities. The agency was still a member of FoundationSearch and I contacted them for technical support. Gail was extremely helpful from the beginning. She set up several trainings for us to better understand how to navigate through the database. In the last two years we have contemplated whether or not to renew, as a non-profit we have to be very mindful of memberships like these. Locally there is an organization that has a similar system available at their facility at no charge; however, the convenience of being able to search on my time and any where I am is an important factor for me. Their customer services is above par and they check in with us if we have not used it in a while to determine if it is a training issue or if they can support us in any way. We have been successful in securing funds through FoundationSearch, one within a month of being introduced to the database for $15,000.00.

My only concern is that this database is massive. In one sitting, I tagged over 400 foundations that I needed to look into and it can be overwhelming. But the fact that FoundationSearch has all that information is impressive and keeps us renewing. The search for your need can be made extremely specific and you can create files of potentials, past funders, even upcoming foundation, etc.  I would recommend this and have recommended it to my partners in the community including shelters, outreach, and faith-based organizations.  On a scale of 0, not satisfied, and 10 extremely satisfied, I am at a 10. If I had more time, I think I could probably find 50 of my agencies funding through FoundationSearch, possibly more."
Social & Human Services
The Rape Crisis Center
Grant Writer
San Antonio, Texas

"My Best Prospects! What a time-saver! Makes sure our requests comply with the funders’ guidelines in matching grant seekers with funders. This minimizes missed opportunities from both perspectives. Also, application support is phenomenal. As well as I like to think I can learn by reading, I find that there are questions, in some cases questions I do not even know to ask, that are answered through live support. Thank you! "
Social & Human Services
Baker Industries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I love your application/program. Darned if I didn't find a foundation where one of the trustees was married to a college classmate of mine--needless to say we received a very nice grant from them."
Social & Human Services
Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas
Director of Development
Kerrville, Texas

"Because of the use of the resources in FoundationSearch we were able to find foundations that were not on our radar. As a result, we obtained additional funding in the amount of $40,000. The training provided, along with the tutorials, helped to provide us with the necessary tools needed in the very competitive world of grant funding.

Thanks Metasoft for making our grant writing efforts a great success."
Social & Human Services
West Texas Boys Ranch
San Angelo, Texas

"I have used this software for foundation and corporation research in grant writing for a university and a non-profit corporation. I love this software. It makes grant research and writing much easier and saves an enormous amount of time.

The staff are fantastic to work with! They take care of their clients.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool for grant writers."